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Charles Street Video & PIX FILM Gallery

Film Title: I Am & Always Will Be

Duration: 00:45

Year of Completion: 2021

Short Synopsis:

 “I Am & Always Will Be” is an experimental film investigating the persistence of words. The burning visuals & sound of the piece are primarily supplied by the etched impressions of text on the film strips. The work further incorporates found film footage & found sound into the experience. The viewer is left with a haunting echo of the message of the piece.


Artist Name: Andrea Holstein

Abstract film by Andrea Holstein

Film Title: YELLOW

Duration:  00:32

Year of Completion: 2021

Short Synopsis: 

YELLOW is an experimental reflection on anti-Asian racism, explored through the materiality of found 16mm film.

The Chinese character for Yellow, written as 黄 (Huang/Wong), is an East Asian last name representing power and prosperity. But as an immigrant, this beauty of Yellow becomes incommensurable with the discrimination of Yellow. And how can one refute a slur that is one’s own name?

This short, 30-second film attempts to reclaim the power of names amidst dispossession. Despite life's rain and thunder, the yellow of our fires continues to burn bright.

Artist Name: Amanda Ann-Min Wong

Abstract film by Amanda Ann-Min Wong

Film Title: Miasma, or Night Air

Duration: 01:21 min

Year of Completion: 2021

Short Synopsis:

This 16mm film is an abstracted narrative loosely based upon the past year during the pandemic. Miasma, or night air, was the imagined origin of disease before germ theory, and as the respiratory nature of the pandemic disease requires masks and distance, the fear of surrounding air has returned. The sudden onset of pandemic and accompanying fears has become a year of wearing masks, watching the days pass, incessantly washing hands, and spending the vast majority of time with screens. Many of us have learned to communicate with laptops and live through televisions, reading headlines saturated with ongoing news about COVID-19. Neon green air surrounds the character in this film, becoming the origin of anxieties and infiltrating every day on screens. There is a pronounced desire to break away from screens and disintegrate the digital, finding solace instead in the natural world. 

Artist Name: Freia de Waal

Asbtract film by Freia de Waal

Film Title: Dis-connected

Duration: 00:21

Year of Completion: 2021

Short Synopsis:

This short film is about the act of ruminating and the cyclical nature of a pandemic. From the sounds of masticating, to the sounds of a humming fridge, background noises take a life of their own.

Artist Name: Jacklyn Osadebamwen

Abstract film by Jacklyn Osadebamawen

Film Title: multiDemic

Duration: 00:55

Year of Completion: 2021

Short Synopsis:

This loop was made through manipulation and experimentation of found film. As an artist, I try to approach my pieces in a multi-layered way causing each frame within the loop to have a layering of several techniques and materials. With the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and isolation at home, a lot of us have had to deal with mental health issues minus the busy distractions of everyday life. There are multiple pandemics that have been affecting our mental health during this period especially as a black woman– racism, gender inequality and as well as COVID-19. This inspired me to create this loop with the constant appearance of the white male face throughout reflecting how whiteness is constantly forcing itself into our narratives – creating a sense of haunting almost which gives the loop its eerie nature.

Artist Name: Cindy Tibazarwa

Abstract film by Cindy Tibazarwa

Film Title: Can you hear me?

Duration: 00:41 (loop)

Year of Completion: 2021

Short Synopsis:

During this pandemic, I felt disconnected from the ones I love.  Trying to navigate the internet world and find ways to connect but no longer being able to be physically together took a toll on my relationships. Technology can’t replace the moments we will never get back. This film mixes analog film, digital film and sound as a way to express this divide between what we used to know and the world we're living in right now. 

Artist Name: Lucia Linares

Abstract film by Lucia Linares

Film Title: Last Week

Duration: 00:52 

Year of Completion: 2021

Short Synopsis:

Last week, I learned that it’s been a year, and that made me think about how it’s been a year. Soon, though, I forgot all about it, and instead, the next day when I woke up, I had my coffee and thought about all the things that I needed to do that day.


I thought about how I made these yellow post-its with a list of things that I needed to do, which were actually the things that I needed to do the day before yesterday, which eventually became yesterday, and now was today. I thought about them one by one, and by the time I was done doing that I hadn’t done anything on that list of to-dos. This made me think about the yesterdays that came before today, and I became afraid that today was about to become tomorrow and yet another yesterday. Now, this happened a couple more times.


This thing that you have before you was a part of those numerous post-it notes that I wrote and rewrote. As you can see, however, it is no longer on any of those lists. This is something that I thought about a lot. Maybe you’ve also thought about it. Maybe, not a lot, but maybe you have. Maybe these are thoughts not unlike the ones you’ve had before today, though like the ones you had just last week.


Artist Name: Baek Seungwoo

Abstract film by Seungwoo Baek
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