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Exhibition at Setzkasten Gallery in Vienna.

HELLO AMIGA works  by Daniel Barrow, Barry Doupé, Amy Lockhart, Alex McLeod, Lorna Mills, Mark Pellegrino 

was programmed by Madi Piller, curator of the project.

Hello Amiga returns to the beginnings of digital culture: With the help of a Commodore Amiga, one of the first home computers of the 80s, six Canadian artists created experimental videos in an aesthetic that has become obsolete. The works of Alex McLeod, Amy Lockhart, Barry Doupé, Daniel Barrow, Lorna Mills & Mark Pellegrino open up a critical discourse by re-using, updating and reinterpreting an outdated technology using creatively intuitive manipulations.

Partner: Setzkasten Wien & 17 District Wien

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