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MOVEMENT : Toronto <> Vienna

Opened in November 2021

On going in Toronto : Visit the site

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Guide to experience the work in Toronto HERE

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Toronto is ON

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Vienna now closed

PIX FILM Gallery, Toronto

AR Experience 

Starts on Nov 15, 2021

MuseumsQuartier MQ, Vienna 

AR Experience

Nov 15-24, 2021

MOVEMENT: Toronto <> Vienna is an international collaboration between PIX FILM Collective (Toronto) and the ArtificialMuseum [ARM] (Vienna).

PIX FILM Collective’s Studio Immersion Program, supported by The Petman Foundation, has provided grants to nine Canadian artists to create artwork for the augmented-reality platform, the Artificial Museum [ARM].  

Artists participants :

Coco Guzmán | Debashis Sinha | Elise Simard | Kate Wilson | Khadija Aziz

Libby Hague | Marco Royal Nicodemo | Nick Fox-Gieg | Winston Hacking

MOVEMENT: Toronto <> Vienna is the launch of [ARM] in Toronto. Though MOVEMENT is a virtual exhibition, it is situated in the public spaces of the Dupont/Geary/Dufferin area, a sprawl of rapid transformation. 

The exhibition will be experienced in a parallel virtual show at the MUSEUMSQUARTIER (MQ) in Vienna Novembre 15-24, 2021

MOVEMENT: Toronto <> Vienna is an exhibit of virtual media art interventions that incorporate looped animation designs. These works, situated with GPS coordinates on a digital map, play with and against public spaces. The exhibition is available for all ages. Guests can locate the artwork via their own smartphones at the real-world locations, or at home from their personal computers. Each guest can access the exhibit via the Artificial Museum map ( MOVEMENT extends time and transforms real-world spaces to transport us to otherworldly sights, both cosmic and personal.

Madi Piller 
PIX FILM Collective Studio Immersion Program Artistic Director | Curator

PIX FILM Collective PIX FILM Collective was created to further the establishment and operation of a gallery/working/study space for artists with interest in and practice of multiple disciplines in the visual and media arts.

Sina Âwsémoon - studio internship

The System Collective is a syndicate of independent artists, makers, programmers, engineers, philosophers, activists, and scientists, collectively using art and technology to transform our world. The Collective believes in a literal definition of “open source,” and converts public spaces into a museum, ready for artists to freely position their art.

[ARM] Artificial Museum - Our mission is to create, procure, research, distribute, and preserve art in public space.
Artistic Direction, Litto/Daniela Weiss
Programming, Jascha Ehrenreich.

About the artists:

Coco Guzmán

Coco Guzman is a Spanish-Canadian queer artist using drawing, installation and on-site interventions to investigate stories,

mostly of what is not revealed to the eye but lives within our everyday reality as embodied memories, hidden whispers or

naughty traces. Through an interdisciplinary approach that draws on critical theory, comics, queering studio processes,

archival research, observation, and conversations with friends, Coco’s work invokes latent stories that invite the viewer

to question who they are and the society they live in. Coco’s work has been exhibited across the Americas and Europe,

notably at CentroCentro Madrid (Spain), the XIII Havana Biennale (Cuba), Encuentros (Mexico)

and many other international art events.


Debashis Sinha

Debashis Sinha's creative output spans a broad range of genres and media, from solo audiovisual performance projects

on the concert stage to the rich sonic space between your headphones. Driven by a deep commitment to the primacy

of sound in his creative practice, Sinha has developed his artistic voice by weaving together his own experience as a 2nd

generation south Asian Canadian, his training with master drummers from various world music traditions, a love of electronic

and electroacoustic music and technology, and a desire to transcend the traditional expectations of how these streams might intersect and interact. The wide range of audio, video and audiovisual works and performances is a result of an artist with

a fierce desire to expand the notions of what it means to express and be influenced by a life in/between cultures.


Elise Simard

Born and based in Montreal, Elise Simard is an animation director who has contributed visual signatures for shorts and features. Known for her experimental approach to image-making, her practice is about building form and content from shared processes and cross-pollination.  A contemplation of the trivial that seeks to decipher the sublime, Elise's films (W.I.T., 2020; Beautiful Like Elsewhere, 2017; Opening Hours, 2015; Breakfast, 2013) are as much about light, textures, and sound as they are about narrative. Existing on the edge of consciousness, they rely on experience and sensations to tell their story, forever looking for an expression of the unknown. 


Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson is a Toronto-based visual artist whose practice is fluid between site-specific large-scale wall drawing installation projects, painting, and digital applications. Wilson has exhibited nationally and internationally and is a recipient of awards from the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts. Kate Wilson is represented by General Hardware Contemporary (Toronto). 



Khadija Aziz

Khadija Aziz investigates image-making with textiles using manipulation, experimentation, and the ever-shifting nature of cloth. Through an ongoing exchange between analogue and digital craft processes, she investigates materiality of textiles and the digital glitch. Her process-based practice bridges the gaps between textile-making techniques and digital technologies to generate unexpected outcomes through translation, chance, and distortion. Khadija is currently pursuing an MFA at Concordia University’s Fibre & Material Practices program. In recognition of her creative practice, she has most recently received the Shanks Memorial Award in Textiles from Craft Ontario and the Creative Promise Award from Surface Design Association in 2020.

@_khadija_a_ on Instagram and Twitter

Libby Hague


Hague’s curiosity and  inventiveness inform her hybrid practice. She examines human and social relationships in our precarious world, adopting narrative and figuration as the connective tissue in immersive woodcut installations, mixed media sculpture and animation.


Marco Royal Nicodemo


(b. 1982. Montreal, Canada) received a BFA with Great

Distinction and was awarded the Guido Molinari Prize in Studio Arts from Concordia University in 2012.

Relationships and power dynamics between humans and the environment in a state flux play a central role in Marco Royal’s works. Research and a profound interest in media and new creative techniques define his practice anchored in cyclical creation. The

exploration and upcoming integration of drawing and painting with VR sculpting, 3d animation, digital image compositing and musical composition, among others, stem from a background working in music production, visual effects and post production for

film and tv. The plasticity of these media are reinforcing and making possible a more complete exploration of his ideas and visual language.



Nick Fox-Gieg


The Lightning Artist Toolkit (Latk) provides a common file format and suite of tools that help you integrate hand-drawn volumetric animation into any project. Readable in any popular 3D graphics application and ready to use in real-world production scenarios, its goal is to make creation in 3D as expressive and intuitive as drawing in 2D.


Winston Hacking


Winston Hacking's work often combines found footage, collage, green screen and puppeteering.  Hacking's work is economical, both in terms of his use of found materials and the techniques used. Despite his thrifty approach, his works are daedal due to his ability to transform the mundane into the sublime through creative re-contextualization.




Is a filmmaker, animator, programmer and independent curator currently living and working in Toronto, Canada.

Creator and Program Director of the Studio Immersion Program at PIX FILM Gallery supported by the Petman Foundation.

Curatorial projects include: Eleven in Motion: Abstract Expressions in Animation, Hello Amiga OP ART Re-Imaged: Imaginable Spaces ( Co-curated with Kate Wilson). The Frame is the Keyframe: Frame Anomalies, From A to Z : Film Screening and Exhibition in Vienna ( Co-Curated with Clint Enns). My Home Here in Peru.



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