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jeu. 01 juill.



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Five Canadian artists on display now on

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View | Regard
View | Regard

PIX FILM Gallery

01 juill. 2021, 20 h 00

Toronto, 1411 Dufferin St Unit C, Toronto, ON M6H 4C7, Canada

Art creation

PIX FILM Collective presents VIEW /REGARD 

A program of five short film by women. Each artist's work will be on display at after sunset at the PIX FILM Gallery Window.

Emergence by Nadine Valcin  in July 

It Matters What by Francisca Duran in August

Terror Fervor by Phoebe Parsons in September

Nous le Futur by Megan Michalak in October

Nothing Ever Happens Here by Sponge Gourd Collective (Daphene XU, Diane Zhou, Beatrix Chu) in November 

The work on Described Video can be found HERE 

The work is presented on Augmented Reality as well. We asked to send us your mailing address to deliver a 

Project supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

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