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sam. 27 mai




Screenings, Film Performance, Expanded Cinema, Sound and Laser Performance at PIX FILM Gallery presented by local and International artists filmmakers attending the Film Labs Gathering in Toronto 2023

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PIX FILM Gallery

27 mai 2023, 20 h 00 – 30 mai 2023, 23 h 00

Toronto, 1411 Dufferin St Unit C, Toronto, ON M6H 4C7, Canada

Art creation

Screenings, Film Performance, Expanded Cinema, Sound and Laser Performance  at PIX FILM Gallery presented by local and International artists filmmakers attending the Analogue Resilience : Film Labs Gathering in Toronto 2023 organized by Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto

Saturday, May 27

8:00 -9:00 PM - PIX FILM Gallery,  1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C

Kyle Whitehead (Calgary)


Super 8 | B+W & Colour

Generative Sound via Light-Controlled Synthesizers

58’ | 260 Metres


This Super 8 film on two reels is a retrograde attempt to resolve a personal archive and index, confronting the inexorable passage of time into memory, memory into echo and echo into resonance. IMMANENT UNION was spliced together live over the course of six performances in Mexico, the United Kingdom and Canada – these Drafts for a Scenario facilitating an aleatory approach to the global composition of disparate memories, fleeting images of recorded time that have no story to tell. Performative in essence – where sound is modulated live by the projected light itself – this mystical union justifies an immanent plane as an act of pastoral simplicity. A divine presence.

Artist Bio

Kyle Whitehead is Canadian artist, programmer and educator, who works with material film to create experimental and expanded cinema projects. His handmade films, moving image installations and projection performances trade in material self-consciousness, the artist’s labours and elastic treatments of light, space and time. These works in film have exhibited internationally in numerous festivals, galleries and museums including CROSSROADS at the SF Cinematheque (USA), the Laboratorio Experimental de Cine (Mexico), Alchemy Film and Arts (Scotland), Antimatter Media Art (Canada), Contemporary Calgary (Canada), TRUCK Contemporary Art (Canada) and the Canadian Film Institute’s Café EX (Canada).


Saturday, May 27

9:00- 11:00 pm  - PIX FILM Gallery,  1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C



2022, 40 minutes, México

Color – black and white

3/16mm projectors

digital sound

An expanded cinema performance that observes and listens to visible and underground territories, both physical and intangible, in two regions of Mexico that currently experience or resist mining activities: Zacatecas and Oaxaca


Visual artist and director of documentary films, experimental cinema, and animated movies. One of her lines of work is exploring the possibilities of photochemical film material— preserving and capturing images, working in a laboratory, and projecting a variety of formats. Since 2005 she has taken part in the expanded cinema collective Trinchera Ensamble. She is also co-founder and current director of Laboratorio Experimental de Cine [Experimental Film Laboratory] (LEC), an art project that surfaced in 2013. LEC was born in response to the need to enhance a community of filmmakers and audiences interested in experimental cinema. LEC engages in the dissemination, production, educational activities, and programming of content in different film formats. Elena also collaborates in audiovisual training programs in Oaxaca and Mexico City.



Film performance

16mm and 35mm loops


30' aprox


2019 - 2022

digital sound

Film support as a plastic source is an investigation that in this performance proposes the formal study of the perforation as a fundamental element of analogic film, and the human face as a representation, as a color chart configuration and as a target of electronic detectors.

Several meters of 35mm film of color reference strips known as "china girl" and other close up takes in 16mm were perforated and their faces were exchanged manually to other faces or film perforations to be displayed iteratively on a live performance.

The final piece is a performance that was developed during the residence of the 12th Strangloscope Mostra in Florianopolis, Brazil and premiered at the Cinemateca of the Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro during the Dobra International Experimental Film Festival.

BIO Born and raised in Mexico City, 1977. I Live and work in Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

I attended the Multimedia Arts Degree at the National Arts University in Argentina, the Diploma of Audiovisual Preservation and Restoration (DIPRA) by the Film Archive and the National Image of Argentina (CINAIN) and Claudio Caldini's experimental film workshop. My work is related to experimental films, installations and video.


Sunday, May 28, 2023

8pm – 10pm, admission: PWYC -Pix Film Gallery, 1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C

Lightproof Film Collective


An evening of film performance presented by Lightproof Film Collective (Ottawa) and Pix Film Collective (Toronto)

Sonorous Light   8:30 until close, exterior of Pix Film

Dave Johnson (Victoria)

Indeterminate length/16mm/sound

Inspired by the description of a radio from Aldous Huxley’s 1931 book Brave New World and adapted into a 16mm light sculpture producing sound.

The artist presents a completely analogue experience using homemade audio components, a 16mm film loop and a smoke machine. The result is a unique dichotomy between cinema and sculpture. The artist invites the viewer to participate in altering the light, sound, and space. This work will be presented outdoors beside Pix Film Gallery.

The Waterfall    9:00 pm

Matthieu Hallé (Ottawa)

16mm projection/30 minutes

A 16mm film loop of a waterfall plays continuously on a custom-modified 16mm film projector that uses a live video feed of candles focused with hand-held pieces of glass as the light source that illuminates the film. With live musical accompaniment by Anne Bourne.

The artists:

Matthieu Hallé is a media artist interested in finding new uses for the technology used in filmmaking. His work includes experimental film and video, and performances using custom-made projection devices. Often, his work involves hybridizing analog and digital mediums, abstraction, and the use of organic materials. He has collaborated with many different improvising musicians who have complemented the spontaneity and chance elements within his own live moving-image performance works.

A graduate of Concordia University’s MFA in Film Production, Dave Johnson’s artistic practice is based on experimenting with documentary techniques, process cinema, expanded cinema and sound design. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. A founding member of Ottawa’s Lightproof Film Collective, Dave relocated to Victoria, BC in 2022.

Funded by: The Petman Foundation


Sunday, May 28, 2023

10:00 pm PERFORMANCE at PIX FILM Gallery,  1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C

Installation until Tuesday afternoon

Daniel Bajoit and  Andrea Novoa (Chile)

Performance and Installation


16mm film 


A 16mm film and sound installation and performance, based on the desire to dig into the spiritual state of our days and testify to it, a found miniature bible, 16mm images of a chilean landscape and live music.


« People from here feel safe thinking nothing is gonna be well. From there, everything will remain quite as a piece of paradise. » (Unknown)

We trust too much everything will fail is a message brought from the west-south border of the living land, Chile. It is an attempt to represent how human life and political deceptions nowadays affects us

and to intervene on it.

« We believe we’re a country, but we’re barely a landscape. »

(Nicanor Parra)


Daniel Bajoit (1981) is an amateur artist from Belgium. He plays music, guitare and other instruments, and he is currently directing a movie on historical events and travels in Chile mostly on filmic support.

He has just arrived from his northern country to Chile and based himself in Valparaíso. In Belgium, he worked as a musician, performer and animation movie director mostly on Les filles de Hirohito’s and Les filles d’Apocalypse’s projects.

Andrea Novoa (1988) is a filmmaker based in the South of Chile, where she co-founded the independent film lab La pieza oscura. She studied photography in Chile and Master film essay in Cuba, where she made her first films that have circulated in several national and

international exhibitions and festivals. She has participated in artistic residencies and meetings such as Atelier 105 of Light Cone (Paris) with her work Desastres Naturales, and Spectral Lab of Baltic analog lab (Latvia). The collaboration of Andrea Novoa and Daniel Bajoit begins in 2019, together they explore the possibilities of creation around filmic practices and music.


Monday, May 29, 2023

8:00 PM Performance at PIX FILM Gallery, 1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C

Bernhard Rasinger  (Austria)


LENGTH: 35min

FORMAT: Patch improvised modular synthesizer performance, visualized by RGB diode laser

Bernhard Rasinger

Bernhard Rasinger combines state of the art laser technology and modular synthesizers to create lucidly hypnotic live audiovisual performances. The modular synthesizer creates and dissects waveforms. The sound is minimalistic functional drone. A laser projector visualizes the electronic waveforms on a screen. The performance lets the spectator (audience) understand sound in a deeper way, since two senses are triggered coherently, to create a synesthetic experience. You see what you hear.

Bernhard Rasinger is an engineer, visual sound artist and cofounder of the art association NewJörg Vienna. He is a regular guest at international experimental music festivals, music fairs and soldering workshops. Performances include Ars Electonica in Linz, Superbooth in Berlin, Modular Days Barcelona, Machines in Music in New York, Gigamodular Tokyo and Skanu Mezs Riga.


Tuesday May 30, 2023  8:00 PM Performance at PIX FILM Gallery, 1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C

Luis Macías (Spain)


Slide projection performance +16mm

Supported by Institut Ramon Lull - Lengua y Cultura Catalana

LUIS MACÍAS is an artist, filmmaker and image-moving composer.  His pieces deal with the formal and spectral properties of the moving image, through the exploration of the cinematographic device itself and the photochemical nature of the medium.Focused on experimental and procedural practices of analog image, his works in Super 8,16mm, 35mm and / or video format are composed for projection, performance or installation.

His films and pieces of expanded cinema have been shown in prestigious film, art and music festivals as well as art centers, museums and alternative spaces around the world.

He’s been part of collective exhibitions and had one individual so far. He has collaborated with various artists, musicians and filmmakers for the creation of collective works.

Co-founder and active member of CRATER-Lab, an independent artist-run-film Lab for analog cinema.

In parallel develops theoretical and practical workshops specialized in different variants of experimental film in art centers and/or art-film schools as EQZE.   Luis alternates his art work with specialized teaching in experimental cinema and the exploration of analogue moving images.

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