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at The Philosopher's Walk in Toronto


Alexandra Gelis

Colombian-Venezuelan-Canadian artist. Her studio practice combines film, installation, and sound with custom-built electronics. From her plant-based research-creation: she explores and documents the relationship between plants/people and power in the context of colonization and globalization.


They had a plant, and that plant was left here.


They had a plant is part of a larger project entitled Plant of the lie and the truth. 

Based on a significant plant on the oral tradition of the Afro-Colombian community of San Basilio de Palenque (Colombia).

3D Artist
Jeff Tram


Jesus Velez

Jesus Velez is a Peruvian multimedia artist based in Toronto, Canada. His main area of interest is animated art through different media (Film, Video, Drawing, 3D and Creative Coding).


Animated Dance

This project is an exploration between music, dance and digital animation set up in an AR environment.

This project explores the concept of a "live-performance" for animation. Based in organic shapes with colourful textures, the viewer submerges in a space where these shapes react to the sound of a music track and "performs" an animated dance, making it "live" by being rendered in real time.



Name Unwanted Flowers

Description Drawing upon the shapes, colours and textures of the unwanted plants growing in Kensington Market, these works consider the complications and contradictions of archiving, human and other-than-human entanglements, and the visual strata of the places we call home.

@researchgarden (Instagram)

Rosalina Flower.png

Rosalina Libertad Cerritos

The Cosmic Garden

Blue cosmic flowers begin to grow and saturate the landscape thus transforming it into a

Cosmic Garden of hope and celebration. This work is meant to inspire a sense of playfulness,

joy and cosmic whimsy.

Lorena (1).jpg

Beatriz Juarez

Beatriz is a Latin-American Creative/Art Director with 28 years of experience in the graphic communication industries. Having worked and lived in multicultural environments throughout her professional career (Mexico, Germany, Canada, United States), Beatriz makes inclusion and diversity the centre of her practice. She ’s been focused on studying digital ways of storytelling by incorporating regular art methodologies to digital ones and exploring areas such as curation, edition and conceptualization of digital pedagogies applied to art institutions. Beatriz’s main interest is the intersection between art and design and the emotional/physical relationships we create with all objects and signs that surround us.


Domestic Pleasures

Abstract: In the ongoing stream of mutuality between person and object, the objects forge our bodies and vice versa. Tools of many sorts extend human physicality and mentality into the world. These forms explore the interaction of seemingly abstract objects, adapted to our own spaces and the possible denotations and connotations we can attribute to them. 


Objects are a kind of “prosthesis” of our own minds, and in that sense, we are defined by objects while objects are defined by us. In this experiment, the spectator can assign a proper meaning based on shape, colours, correlation of form and functionality to the objects in predetermined contexts as an embodied experience.


soJin Chun

soJin Chun is a Toronto-based artist working in photography, video and installation. Through a socially-engaged and community-based practice, soJin uses whimsical strategies to activate local histories while considering her diasporic and hybrid cultural identity.



Astronauta Aturquesada

A weather system and an astronaut in Aturquesada appear along the shores of Lake Ontario.

Astronauta Aturquesada is part of the Aturquesada series that explores local contexts and histories through this shade of green that rests between teal and turquoise. This monochromatic colour becomes the artistic gesture that invites viewers to consider climate change and our carbon footprint.

FINAL_PreviewImageAnahi (1).jpg

Anahí González

Anahí González is a Mexican photographer based in London, Canada and Saltillo, Mexico. She explores alternative visual narratives related to Mexican migrants and Mexican labour in/for Canada, in order to decenter the United States narrative concerning Mexican migration. She holds a BA in Communication from the Universidad del Valle de México and an MFA from Western University. She is currently an Art and Visual Culture Ph.D. candidate at Western University.


Units Pa' Ya!, 2022

Units Pa' Ya! (2022) explores the notion of circulation and exchange of information of dominant ideologies.

Coca-cola chairs can be seen commonly in the Mexican landscape. It represents ideas of gatherings, community and commercial identity. Each stackable chair contains slogan fragments found in the Mexican cardboard boxes from Latin Markets in Ontario. The cardboard boxes contained goods and products from Mexico. Units Pa' Ya! (2022) explores the notion of circulation and exchange of information of dominant ideologies. The artwork arose out of the need to critique the messages found in the circulation of such products of capitalism. How and where do that stereotypical depictions form?

Lorena Salomé

Lorena Salomé is a Toronto based artist working with electromechanical sculptures and a background in photography, video and coding . Salomé is currently doing her MA on Digial Media at York University, with a focus and research on robotics. She incorporates various technologies in her work using everyday objects and dismantled electronics to make sound sculptures and robots. From the early video works to the kinetic installations there is always a point in common, the use of found and repurposed objects. Her work has been exhibited and published locally and internationally since 2003.


Virtual insanity

Creatures appearing and disappearing as we walk around. An experiment on sculpting objects, making them move and hide in space

There are five dancing creatures around the space that appear once the participant walks close to their position.

Jeff Tran
Is a Vietnamese Canadian multimedia artist from Toronto.  He works in computer animation as a storyboard, 3d layout and rigging artist.  His short films received support from OAC, Canada Council and NFB and has screened worldwide at the New York, London, San Diego film festivals.

Jeff Tran portrait.png

This a project co-presented by Southern Currents  Film +Video Collective and PIX FILM Collective in partnership with the Artificial Museum.

Supported by the Ontario Arts Council and The Petman Foundation.

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