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Phoebe parsons

Phoebe Parsons was born and raised outside of Vancouver in White Rock, British Columbia. From 2005-2009 Phoebe studied at Emily Carr University in Vancouver where she completed her Bachelor's degree in Media Arts with a focus in film and animation studies. Phoebe’s thesis piece The Fantastic Adventures of Cloudman achieved 3rd place status in the best of film category at Emily Carr’s Grad Show and was screened internationally including the Vimeo Film Festival in New York and the anti-design festival in London, England in 2010. Since then Phoebe has  been working professionally as an assistant costume designer in film and television while she continues to direct and produce films.


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Described Video below

I have always been fascinated by concepts around time and space. I feel like the illusions created by animation, in that the persistence of motion creates time because it creates movement, which can only exist in time, is amazing. Where video work being able to capture motion is already amazing enough, the idea that we can also start with individual images that flow into an illusory world of motion, an illusion of time and space, is just really exciting to me. From there I like to break down the moments between images as well and the concepts around physical space and placement. I explore this though the characters morphing into one another and melting from one spot to the next. Like the idea of creating this tangible artificial space and time. Then really analyzing it and taking it apart to a point where time and space do not exist anymore. These ideas also transfer into my wonder around concepts of change, as in, on a molecular level, we and everything around us is constantly changing. I think that really allowing space for this constant change is what can allow us to become very calm and centred as individuals as well as allow the space to see that everything is also interconnected. That everything is composed of energy and particles that are in a constant state of flux. And to not hold onto rigid rules around expectations of the ways we want things or people to look like, act like etc etc. 

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