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FROM A to Z in Vienna, curated by Madi Piller and Clint Enns

April 20, 2018
Screening at Blickle Kino at Belvedere21
7pm - 9pm
Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Wien

April 21, 2018
Exhibit at Setzkasten and Zwischendecke
Hernalser Hauptstraße 29/4 and 31, 1170
Curator Madi Piller, in collaboration with Clint Enns, acting members of the PIX FILM Collective in Toronto, will present a group of a generation of experimental filmmakers from Ontario whose practices extend beyond the cinema. All of these artists remain committed to traditional filmmaking practices on their own terms and make their work in a province with its own rich history of experimental film production. In this regard, the artists’ multidisciplinary practices reflect the multiplicity of cinematic and artistic experimentations characteristic of the medium bending work of seminal Canadian avant-garde artist Michael Snow.
The showcase and exhibition include work by Marcos Arriaga, Stephen Broomer, Dan Browne, Kelly Egan, Winston Hacking, Christine Lucy Latimer, Lisa Myers, John Porter, Blaine Speigel, Leslie Supnet, and Michael Snow.

With eight Artists and Curators in Attendance

Partners: LIFT, Setzkasten, 17 District Wien, Belvedere 21, Filmkoop Wien.

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