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Megan Michalak

Megan (Michaela) Michalak is is a queer transmedia artist, social movement researcher, and writer. Their artistic work investigates the politics of memory in relation to sound and silence. An ongoing fascination with epistemological blind spots, or the periphery of what is (in)visible, (in)audible, (il)legible, have led them to create multiple artistic works that deliberately with-hold “visuality,” to focus on other modalities of sensing & knowing. After being an Assistant Professor in the Visual Studies Department at the State University of New York, Buffalo, they were a Visiting Researcher at the University of Barcelona and an Artist in Residence at in Barcelona. They currently reside in Canada, as a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change at York University in Toronto. Their artistic work has been exhibited at Galleria Can Felipa,, & Casa Velazquez in Spain, Fonds Regional D’Art Contemporain Frac Languedoc-Roussillon (Montpelier, FR), Gallery Memoire de l’Avenir, Cite Internationale des Artes, & the International Festival of Choreography in Paris, The Lisbon Architecture Triennial, the 2nd Moscow Biennale for Young Art, Gallery Titanik (Finland), the Lopez Museum in the Phillipines, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, and in Canada,  Subtle Technologies in Toronto. They have screened media works at film video festivals in Mexico, Brazil, the US, Canada, France, Spain, and Portugal.


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Described Video below

NOUS LE FUTUR, is an intergenerational love letter that creates a bilingual ¨hauntology¨ from interviews with Parisian residents (2011-2014) on historical memory. Within this multiyear audio archive; listen to reveries on historical melancholy, Mai ´68, the Algerian Civil War or ¨Eventements,¨ French immigration, decolonization, and rising European nationalism.

NOUS LE FUTUR is an excerpt from a 30 minute audio archive, created from these interviews. This project is one of three multi-year audio archives created when the artist lived in the European Union, from 2013 to 2018.


in loving memory of Sylvie Belanger (Quebec) and Brigitte Deagan (France).

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